Zulema Santana's Portfolio


Zulema"s Portfolio

Roosevelt Colligate Academy has been a really good experience for me. the colligate academy has really good teachers and great students. Its a really graet opportunity for students to enter and have a better future. The colligate academy is there so you can just go to college and finish it within 2 years because you already did you other 2 years in highschool. When the students from the colligate academy graduate they are already going to have there associates degree. You will not just graduate with your associates degree but also with your highschool diploma. I feel like if the colligate academy didnt exist then probably no students would have said that they want to go to college. Alot of students say that since they joined the colligate academy there lifes have changed a lot. Many people say that they hope that they can get a scholarship and study abroad. Since a lot of people they say that they would love to study more to have a better life. The colligate academy is like highschool but you are just studying college also. For the fist 2 years you are just studying for college but the last 2 years you go to el centro college to take your college classes.he cooligate has been one of the best thing that a lot of people have entered because in other schools that have the cooligate academy there has been a lot of student who study far and get a good opportunity in jobs because they were able to study coolege early.If you ever have the chance to eneter to the colligate academy dont let it go and take the huge opportunity you have.

(FTP) FTP helps you "Go live" on the internet. There are a few steps before you can go live. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you can acces you maintance page.Then you have to transfer everything that is in your httpdocs. After that you have tranfered everything make sure you can open your portfolio on you maintance page. After you opened you portfolio page go and open your index and type how you do ftp.